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Translation Portfolio

Creating medical translations is a true métier d’art. Explore this annotated selection of translated excerpts and unveil insider secrets behind crafting a linguistic product of the very highest quality.

Outreach genres

General or semi-specialised texts describing medical or clinical advances or contributions. These genres are intended for patients or interested general public.
Portfolio of informational or informative medical textual genres

Thematic article

Ebola virus disease

Infectious diseases

Information leaflet

Breast cancer


TTO form

Type 1 diabetes


Clinical practice guideline

Bronchial asthma


Clinical genres

Specialised documents used to advise, inform or guide health and research professionals in the course of their work.
Portfolio of clinical or professional medical textual genres

Educational genres

University publications intended for teachers or students. They’re used to transfer well-grounded knowledge during the training of future specialists.
Portfolio of educational, academic or university medical textual genres

Biomedical textbook

Immune system


Clinical textbook

Anatomy of the stomach


Original article




Acute myeloid leukaemia


Research genres

Highly standardised texts presenting the results of novel research to experts or researchers in a particular specialty.
Portfolio of research medical textual genres