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Bronchial asthma



Source Text in English

If asthma control remains inadequate on medium-dose (adults) or low-dose (children) of inhaled corticosteroid plus a long-acting β2 agonist or a leukotriene receptor antagonist, the following interventions can be considered:

  • increase the inhaled corticosteroids to high dose (adults)/ medium dose (children 5–12 years) or
  • add a leukotriene receptor antagonist (if not already trialled) or
  • add tiotropium (adults) or
  • add a theophylline.
Target Text in Spanish

Si no es posible controlar el asma de manera adecuada con dosis medias (adultos) o bajas (niños) de corticosteroides inhalados y un antagonista β2 de acción prolongada o un antagonista del receptor de leucotrienos, considere las siguientes intervenciones:

  • aumentar la dosis de corticosteroides inhalados a dosis alta (adultos) o media (niños de 5 a 12 años); o
  • añadir un antagonista del receptor de leucotrienos (si aún no se ha probado); o
  • añadir tiotropio (adultos); o
  • añadir una teofilina.


Clinical practice guidelines are intended as a set of recommendations to assist clinical decision making in daily practice. The high level of specialisation of these recommendations, which are based on expert opinion, consensus or scientific evidence, is reflected in all aspects of the writing process.

Prescriptive discourse

Recommendations about what the professional should do or refrain from doing are often written in imperative mode, which reflects the instructional function of the text. The reformulation in the target language must reproduce these features to make the document recognizable to the reader and fulfil its communicative purpose.


Modulation is a translation technique which involves changing the point of view of a sentence so that it sounds more natural in the target language. In “If asthma control remains inadequate”, the change in perspective produces a translation better suited to the nature of the Spanish language.

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