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Quality is the cornerstone of all Jaume’s translations and is driven by an unwavering philosophy: communicative effectiveness.

This notion of effectiveness is based on flawless word selection, exquisite use of language and an eye for detail.

Your written communications will captivate your readers, convey your message with delicious clarity and be the pride of your business.


The perfection of these proofread texts stems from the combination of passion for linguistic quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The demanding QA procedures guarantee a clean, seamless result in terms of concept, style and communication.

There is no greater pleasure for the senses than a smooth, elegant and custom-written read.


A brilliant combination of the most advanced technologies and the expert revision of a professional human translator.

If you have a pre-translation generated by a machine translation engine, it may not meet your quality standards.

The machine translation post-editing service ensures an optimal finish in terms of functionality, accuracy and reliability.


To aspire to excellence in all aspects of communication, the reader must be placed at the centre of everything.

The communicative consulting helps giving your text the finishing polish in accordance with the principle of acceptability.

With linguistic and cultural adaptation to the target market, your contents will be useful, authentic and relevant to your audience.

One-on-one attention throughout
the process.

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As a freelance translator specialising in medical translation, Jaume helps healthcare and pharmaceutical clients position themselves in their new markets.

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  • Scientific societies
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Clients of professional and certified medical translator in Spain
Textbook translation of Harvey Lodish Molecular Cell Biology 9th edition for Editorial Médica Panamericana


A Reference Work for Future Immunologists

Translating university textbooks constitutes the ultimate implementation of the know-how of any medical translator. See how Jaume safely translated this excerpt from the immunology chapter of an authoritative work on molecular cell biology.