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With a deep understanding of medical text genres, Jaume can collaborate as an extension of your team who understands your vision and finds the words to make it happen.
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Meet Jaume Mullol specialized medical healthcare translator

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Meet Jaume

The meticulous care for the art of specialised communication stems from the conviction that collaboration among people can change the world.

In order to create relationships that promote human, animal and environmental well-being, it’s essential to ensure the effective exchange of information.

To this end, Jaume helps healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals communicate with their patients, partners and clients around the world.

Your New Competitive Advantage

Communicative power. In every word.


If you’re looking for a language service for your medical text, you need a professional with specialised skills. Forget about so-called bilinguals, weekend translators, or linguists with no medical knowledge. Trust only a specialist with proficiency in the thematic, linguistic and communicative dimensions of your text.

Freelance management

The key advantages of collaborating with a freelance provider include flexibility and one-on-one attention. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a service of proven quality, a strict compliance with deadlines and the convenience of managing all your projects through a single partner. No middlemen involved.

Educational excellence

Partner up with an expert with specific training in medicine, pharmacology, translation studies and specialised translation. Jaume has learned from Spain’s leading experts in medical translation and ensures that every word is useful, functional and relevant to your readers. Your project couldn’t be in better hands.

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