I am Jaume Mullol.

I am a Translation student from English and French into Spanish and Catalan with more than 6 years’ experience in language projects with different companies, institutions and non-profit organisations.

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Jaume Mullol

Create, translate, sell, grow. My translated and proofread texts are an engine for your business and build bridges with your new markets. Magically!

And my working method is designed to make your life easier. With my intuitive approach to the process, you can quickly order my translation or proofreading services.

Read my key principles and professional values to find out more about my work. Or see my service catalogue and learn how can I help.

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My clients love my translations. Since 2012 I’ve been working with different companies, institutions and individual clients. And even non-profit organisations. Always with outstanding results.

A rock solid foundation is everything:


My mother tongues are Spanish and Catalan. And since I’m experienced and have an outstanding training, my translated texts capture all the nuance and complexity of the original. They don’t even read like a translation!


What you want to say, how you want to say it. My goal is to provide you with an accurate, substantiated translation using the most exact terminology and the right tone.


Not a single deadline missed in 6 years of activity. Tell me when you need your document for and rest assured that I’ll always meet the deadline we agree. No delays.


I’m here to make your life easier. My priority is to simplify the process so that you can focus on your business. Create the message. I’ll help you deliver it to the world.

Words matter. Get hands-on project support.

What you need is

what I do best

Your message. Clearly delivered.

More than a million words translated a few months before completing my university education.

I offer the following services:

Simple Translation

The most popular solution for general texts.

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This is especially convenient if most people can understand your text without having any knowledge on the subject. It doesn’t use too many technical words and it’s suitable for the general audience.

Specialised Translation

Specific words to communicate between experts.

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If your target audience are experts in the field, you need to make sure your translator carries out in-depth terminology and documentary research. So you can be confident that your message is delivered accurately.


Software, apps and websites your clients understand.

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With my localisation skills, you can translate a software or an application. Or make your business reach international clients by adding more languages to your website. Get ready for takeoff!


Make good writing even better.

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Naturality to the next level. My proofreading and editing services guarantee your words flow naturally in the target language. I can also proofread your translation or text written in Spanish or Catalan and make it consistent.


“Very grateful. A good job.”

Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña
Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-OcañaEntrepreneur and Internet Businessman

“It looks perfect to our client.”

Carlos Fort García
Carlos Fort GarcíaGraphic DesignerMaxianplanet

“Good job and very fast. We will work together again.”

Alfox Diseño
Alfox DiseñoCortinas de cristal en MálagaAlfox.es

“An outstanding job. Files are identical to the original but in Spanish.”

Alejandro Membrilla
Alejandro MembrillaGeniuzz Client

“Excellent job. Thank you so much!”

ValeriaFiverr Client

“And excellent job in record time. 100% recommended.”

cocieriGeniuzz Client

Translating, easier than ever

My process

Agile. Simple. Effective.

Create something amazing. I’ll take care of the words.

  • 1. Choose your service

    Select the type of service that best fits your needs – simple translation, specialised translation, localisation or proofreading. You can also ask me if you’re not sure.

  • 2. Ask me for a quote

    Get in touch using the form or send me an email to jaume@jaumemullol.com with the requirements and objectives of your project. What is it about? How many words? When do you need it for?

  • 3. Add a sample

    To better understand your product and values, attach the full document or a part of it in your message.

  • 4. Get your quote…

    While I’m analysing your document you can take a look at my rates. In the blink of an eye you’ll get an answer with the details of your quote.

  • 5. …And don’t forget to confirm it!

    Before I start, you’ll need to give me the go-ahead to know you’re okay with it and want to move on.

  • 6. While I’m working

    Petting a cat is optional.

  • 7. Project completion confirmation and pro-forma invoice*

    You’ll receive an email confirming that your project has been completed. In the attached pro-forma invoice, you’ll find the banking details for the payment.

    *For projects not meeting the minimum charge per assignment of €20, I only accept payments through PayPal. To learn more, check out the rates section.

  • 8. Get your files

    The cooperative I work with will issue the final invoice after receiving your payment. In the next email you’ll get your translated or proofread files along with the official invoice.

that fit your business and budget


Each translation is one of a kind

I can’t provide a standard price for my services, but these examples will give you an idea of your budget.

Blog posts, presentations, reports, contracts, agreements, annual reports, travel guides, restaurant menus, privacy policies, content… No matter what you need, this is your pack if you want to translate a text without too many technical words.

Let’s say you’ve written an incredible article for your blog and would like to translate it into Spanish or Catalan. To give you an idea, an article with 2,500 words would only cost around €125.

Dissemination essays, medical studies, operating manuals, technical specifications, standards, patents, conferences, product sheets… Specialised translation is a craft work. It requires more time and in-depth research. Choose this pack if you need to maximise accuracy.

You may have published an essay in a science journal and want more people to read it. You could deliver those 6,000 words to them for around €360. Or perhaps you’re ready to translate the 120 pages of your TV’s user guide, starting at €1,800.

Websites, blogs, software for Windows, iOS or Linux, applications for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone… That’s your option if you want to catapult your content or IT products to new market niches.

Suppose you offer a wine list on your website. Why not increase the number of foreign visitors by translating your website with 4,000 words for €200? And if you’ve developed a 14,000-word app, wouldn’t it be great to show it to the world for just €700?

Translated texts or texts originally written in Spanish or Catalan. With this pack you’ll get a second opinion from an expert.

I’ll review and check a 3,000-word translation against the original document for just €90, without losses nor additions. I’ll give it a good face-lift, making sure that no mistranslations or misspellings have occurred. And with editing, its grammar and style will be otherworldly.

After all, who better to assure a text is correct in every way than a native professional?

How much does it cost? How long will it take? How will I pay you?

Would you like to hire me? Write to me!

Use the form below or send an email to jaume@jaumemullol.com specifying the details of your request. You can also use the form below to ask for an estimate. I will get back to you within 24 hours.